A representative payee is an arrangement in which a governmental agency appoints a substitute person or agency, such as CBGS, to receive federal funds on behalf of a recipient, or recipients, who by reason of physical or mental disability, are unable to manage their own funds.  Examples of funds that could be managed by a representative payee include, but are not limited to, Social Security funds, Veterans Affairs benefits, and pensions.

A representative payee's responsibilities include using benefits to pay for the current and foreseeable needs of the beneficiary, appropriately saving any remaining benefits, keeping transaction records, and accounting to the beneficiary and the issuing agency for how the funds are spent.  Commencement Bay Guardianship Services has experience in tracking funds and accounting for all funds spent.  We understand that beneficiaries rely upon the provided funds, so we are diligent in ensuring that the funds are distributed in a timely fashion and used appropriately to avoid disqualification for benefits.  

Representative Payee

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