Karen Allard

Ms. Allard graduated from Pacific Lutheran University in 1978 with a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing.  She is a registered nurse and a certified care manager who has worked her entire career in the Tacoma medical community. She has extensive knowledge of senior and disability resources and has dedicated her professional life to acting as an advocate for the needs of others.  She specializes in the care of the elderly, assisting families in conflict, helping patients with dementia, and assisting clients who have suffered brain injuries.


As a certified care manager working in the healthcare field, Ms. Allard acts as a liaison between clients, their families, and health care professionals who are administering treatment and services.  She provides professional assessments, develops customized careplans, implements those plans, and then coordinates and monitors care with the client, their family members, and the medical professionals.


Ms. Allard has medical experience in elder care, respiratory and cardiac rehabilitation, brain injuries, dementia, and chronically ill clients.  She also has extensive knowledge of assisted living facilities, adult family homes, nursing homes, and home health services.  She has worked with clients needing rehabilitation, clients suffering from catastrophic injuries, as well as geriatric chronically ill clients, and families dealing with the day-to-day struggle of loved ones needing regular medical care.  She has worked as a visiting nurse, a hospice nurse, and a public health nurse.  She has 21 years of experience as a care manager and is well known to many professionals in the area.  In her spare time, she volunteers within the community by donating her time to charitable organizations.

"She is organized, reliable, and prompt.  She is extremely knowledgable of patients' needs and is able to work well with doctors, hospital staff, nursing homes, adult family homes, attorneys, and social agencies.  She is an excellent planner, leaves nothing to chance and had the proper paperwork, procedures and plans ready for all of our appointments."     -M.S. Olympia, WA

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